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Get Free Access to CrowdFlower via GitHub

GitHub offers free access to a lot of developer services and tools with GitHub Student Developer Pack. An important one of these offers is getting advantages of CrowdFlower.


CrowdFlower is a global crowdsourcing and data enrichment platform which offers services like sentiment analysis, search relevance tuning, data collection and enhancement, data categorization and content moderation. Their slogan simply shows what they do: “We Collect, Clean, and Label Data.”


To benefit from the professional services of CrowdFlower, you need only a GitHub Student Developer Pack. If you are member of GitHub and have already got your Student Pack, visit this link and find CrowdFlower section, then click on the link to get direct acces on the CrowdFlower website and sign up. If you have not got your Education Pack, you can read our article about how to get your pack simply.


  • You cannot have the same advantages with CrowdFlower Pro customers. Below, a comparison between Data for Everyone and Crowdflower Pro plans is showed on chart.

CrowdFlower Plans

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