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Get Free Access to Bitnami

GitHub gives the chance of free access to a lot of developer services and tools for students with GitHub Student Developer Pack. One of them is getting Bitnami membership for free.


Bitnami is a platform which presents popular server applications and development environments with one-click-installation advantage. While you are installing one of these applications, you don’t need to make an effort for  configuring and installing dependencies of the application. You can access a lot of popular applications and platforms like WordPress, Joomla!, ownCloud, Tomcat, MyBB, Apache Solr, CraftBukkit Minecraft and more.

GitHub Student Developer Pack offers free access to Business 3 plan in Bitnami Cloud Hosting for a year (normally $49/month). This plan allows users to launch and manage up to 3 cloud servers on the Amazon Cloud (AWS) from Bitnami’s library of close to 100 applications and development environments.


If you are member of GitHub and have already got your Student Developer Pack, click on link to access Bitnami to benefit from student offers and sign in with your GitHub account. If you have not got your Education Pack, you can read our article about how to get your pack simply.

After login, you should authorize Bitnami to access your email adress from your GitHub account.

bitnami console


  • Bussiness 3 plan allows you to have up to 3 servers.
  • It is free for only 1 year.

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