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Citrix Special Offers for Educational Use

Citrix is a virtual workspace solution that you can benefit with special discounts for academic usage.


Basically, Citrix is a web service but with this programme you can do more than a internet service. For example, it is possible to manage mobile applications or virtualize your desktop applications. You can make network connections, file sharing and cloud service usage with Citrix.


The educational license type of the Citrix offers a practical and cost-effective options for qualified educational institutes. You can save up %40 percent money with using this software. It can be easily used campus wide and benefit at home with same opportunities. Click on the link to get the Citrix. The buying process is quite simple; you can find a Citrix partner at your country or buy online. You have the accept the usage conditions. After that, you can do your payment with a bank account or credit card.  You should also prove your relevance with your educational institute with an educational e-mail address.

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