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Free Enthought Canopy Solutions for Students

Enthought Canopy is an integrated tool for iterative data analysis and visualization. You can use this software for application development.


Enthought Canopy is an complicated Python analysis environment for integrated analysis. You can easily explore, improve and visualize your data with this software. The packages includes:

The scientific and engineers can use this software. Also this program can be used for analytical data analyze. Canopy can be used for accurate algorithm, script and programming. Your transactions will not lock in this program. You can make your data analysis in a more straightforward way. With Python, data ingestion, manipulation and algorithm prototyping and streamline test are possible.


The Enthought offers free of charge softwares for academic usage. The students and personals of degree-granting institutions can demand the Canopy free of charge. This program includes high schools, colleges and universities and post graduate programs. It is possible for you to request and academic license. You need to sign up for a free Enthought account. Get Enthought Canopy free academic license to click on this link. You need an academic e-mail adress to verify your account. After the check of your eligibility, you can download your software.


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