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Graphad QuickCalcs Special Offers for Students

Graphad QuickCalcs is a special data analysis and calculating tool. If you are a student or teacher; you can benefit from this software with special price offers.


QuickCalcs can be used for different types of data calculation. Categorical data, continuous data, Statistical distributions and interpreting P values, random numbers and Chemical and radiochemical data analysis can be easily operated with this software.


The company offers student subscription licenses to all currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students, post doctoral fellows and medical residents. Get Graphad QuickCalcs for students click on this link. The installation process is quite simple. You should follow this steps:

  1. Email or fax (US.858.454-4150) a copy of your student ID, or  you can send a letter from your advisor confirming your student status.
  2. After your approval, the company will send you a unique student code by email.
  3. In the e-mail you will find  a link to  special ordering page where you can enter your unique student code.
  4. After that, you can complete your purchase with your Visa or MasterCard.
  5. Download and activate your software.

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