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Earn 25$ Credit For Hackhands via GitHub

GitHub offers free access to a lot of developer services and tools with GitHub Student Developer Pack. One of these offers is 25 $ credit for Hackhands.



Hackhands is a good platform offering 7/24 live programming help for their members. When you create a request about your programming issue, you get the chance of working with an expert to solve your problem.

In conversation with the expert, you can share your screen, send your piece of code through chat window and talk with video chat.

You pay only 1 $ per minute and it is entirely free for conversations under 5-minutes.


If you are member of GitHub and have already got your Student Developer Pack, visit this link to access Hackhands website . If you have not got your Student Developer Pack, you can read our article about how to get your pack simply.

When you enter the link, click on “REDEEM CREDITS” and login with your GitHub account, then enjoy your 25 $ credit.


There is no restriction on your account but your credit is limited with 25 $.


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