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Cula Offers for Educational and Academic Usage

Cula is the combination of GPU-accelerated linear algebra solution softwares. With this programme, it is possible to benefit from  NVIDIA CUDA parallel computing architecture and improved mathematics.


Basically, Cula is an sophisticated mathematics software which is especially used for linear algebra issues. There are two different version of Cula. One of them is Cula Dense and the other one is Cula Spark. LAPACK and BLAS libraries can be used for linear algebra and you can solve singular value decompositions and eigenproblems with Cula Dense. Cula Sparse can be used for large sparse systems with interactive methods. Multiple algorithms and preconditioners can be solved with this software.


The Cula Academic softwares are available for CULA Dense and CULA Sparse. They have the same features with the commercial packages. A researcher, academician or a student can benefit from CULA personel libraries. The eligibility check for special offers require an academic e-mail address. Get Cula educational license to click on this link. You can directly contact Cula for an academic discount which is about  $95 per node. Also, you can benefit from other discount offers for academic usage.


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