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Yenka Free Student License

Yenka is a creative software which can be used for mathematics, science, technology, ICT and computing. There is special educational version of  Yenka which is free of charge.


For creating effective Mathematics and Science solutions, you can use Yenka. With this software, you can create 3D math models, analyze statistics, calculate geometry, probability and coordinates. As a part of software’s electronic design, you can manage PIC or PICAXE programs. Yenka is a virtual lab space for improving science ideas which can you apply to real world directly. For ICT programs, you can create animated 3D characters.


As a creative maths and science software, Yenka can be downloaded and installed free of charge. You can start to benefit from Yenka for educational purpose. Get Yenka free for students for free to click on this link. As a university or college student, you can use this account outside your school for example from your laptop or desktop at home. The only thing for this process is a valid student e-mail address. For the registration process, you have to follow these steps:

  1. You have download Yenka and install it on your computer. (The system requires Windows XP or new version; Mac OS X)
  2. Click double to Yenka icon for installing the new software
  3. Find the “at home” part and click “Use all products for free” section.
  4. Log in with your e-mail address just for a one time.
  5. Start to use Yenka cost of free at home.


  • The student version of the software can not be used for commercial purposes.

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