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Visual Studio 2017 Download For Students

The Visual Studio software is related with Dreamspark which can be used for access to Microsoft products for educational purpose. There are different ways to use Visual Studio 2017 for free.

  1. You should have a membership to Microsoft OnTheHub for your college/university
  2. You should have a DreamSpark Account. You can create a student account from Formyedu Dreamspark adress.


Visual Studio is a software which is connected to Dreamspark and Microsoft OnTheHub. For installing Visual Studio, first of all you have to form a membership on Dreamspark platform. Visual Studio can be used for creating applications like art-tools, services and clouds. You can plan, code and make applications real life with this software. To build internet and cloud applications, Visual Studio is suitable with Windows, Linux and OS X.


As a college/university student, Visual Studio 2017 is free of charge for educational aims. Get Visual Studio free for students for free to click on this link. First, you should sign up and verify your student status. Then you can get free access to Visual Studio 2017. It will be easy for you to development applications with Visual Studio 2017. You can also download following softwares on the page:

  • Visual Studio 2017 Professional
  • Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise

Don’t you have a valid Dreamspark account? Don’t worry, you can also use Visual Studio 2017 Community version for free! Click to download.

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