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Plexim Free for Students

It is easy to download and install Plexim for students. You can use Plexim as a student. It is free of charge to use Plexim softwares for educational usage.


Plexim is an useful electrical engineering software for high powerful simulations and powerful simulations. It supplies assertion framework, multi tone analysis, code generation, web-based Simulation, processor-in-the-Loop (PIL). It is easy to build effective designs and calculate the details reliably and quickly. There are two engineering programmes which are PLECS Blockset and PLECS Standalone.


Plexim is an effective software which can be used in electrical engineering area. For college and university students, the Plexim Company offers free of charge products. If you are a student or your university has an agreement with Plexim, it is possible to request a full featured student license. Get Plexim free for students to click on this link. This license is fully personal and it will be installed to your computer. It is not possible to use Plexim for commercial purpose. The student license is valid for two softwares. For registration, the you need a host ID or a code which is provided by your professor. The Plexim software can be used for one year long.

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