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PHDEdit Offers for Students and Educators

PHPEdit is a software which is used for arrangements in PHD. You can have a PDHEdit programme free as a student and get special discounts of company’s packages.


With this useful software; it is possible to writing codes easily. It is more useful and efficient than ordinary PHP editors. You can improve your projects with this software and transform them into CVS and SubVersion files. Design of your projects, document and deploy them easily.


For college and university students, PDHEdit is free of charge. Also, there are special offers for PHD packages as a part of educational use. To getting these accounts, you have to prepare a request. Your claim is going to be assessed by a team who views the validity of your request.  Get PHPEdit for students for free to click on this link. You should follow these steps to get a student license:

1. Go and create an account.

2. After your account is created, an e-mail will come to your address for activation.
3. After activation, you should go to License/Personel license section.

4. Click on the link for new personal license and fill the related information.

After your request reaches the company, they will give you information about your demand.

For install your student account, you should follow these steps:

1. With your student account, download PHPEdit.

2. Start the installation.

3. Enter the e-mail address and your special password that you create in  link.

4. Then, PHPEdit software will be logged automatically.

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