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Magoo Software Free for Educational Use and Students

Magoo is a software which can be used for basic XML. This software can be used for architectures (SOA/MOM) utility. It is free of charge for university students and educational aims.


Magoo is a private software that is  used for Data Entry, Approval and Task Management, System Monitoring and Error-Handling. The most important features of the software are range of Protocol Adapaters, No Infrastructure Development and Full XML/SOAP Support. It is user interaction software for XML and web services.


You can ask yourself how can I get Magoo free of charge? It is easy to download programme as a university student. For educational purpose, there are free available versions which can be used by students, researchers and staff. Get Magoo free for students for free to click on this link. For a valid student account, you need a educational e-mail address. You have to send your student e-mail address to Magoo officially from the same link.


  • The student version of Magoo can not be used for commercial aims.
  • Student licenses will not be granted to Hotmail/Yahoo or generic ISP addresses.

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