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IOS Developer University Program for Students and Educators

IOS is one of the most creative and eligible softwares in the world. For all Apple labeled product like I-pad, I-phone or I-Mac, you need knowledge of IOS. The IOS developer university programme is developed for the educational institutes which wants to improve their IOS knowledge.


You can ask yourself as a student why you need this programme. IOS Developer University Program is made for universities or academic institutions that want to improve their knowledge about IOS. A professor or academician can create a team which includes up to 200 students with this programme. Students can develop innovative applications for Apple products. As a Apple developer web site, it is possible for creative students to establish new applications for I-pad, I-phone or I-Mac with eligible and elegant design tools. Also it is possible that the applications that you created in Mac products. There is also sharing possibility of applications in the same team by professor or tudors. So, all team members can evaluate an application via e-mail or a private web site.


The Program is open for free to sophisticated and degree granting higher education institutions. Get IOS Developer University Program for university to click on this link. The IOS Developer University Program is established for academic institutions which are aiming to IOS app development into their curriculum. After your application is analyzed, the Apple Company inform you about your eligibility.


As a tudor or academician who enrolls IOS Developer University Program in your educational institute, you have to legal authority to bind your institution to legal agreements. Also you need to sign a legal contract which verifies your authority to run this program.

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