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Get Free XILINX for Students

XILINX is a software combination which is used for connection of smart devices. XILINX supplies programmable solutions for enabling smart, connected and differentiated systems. This integration process will be quite easy for hardware connection and optimization.


XILINX can be used for Industrial Lod and cloud computing. Motion control, machine to machine integration, smart energy grid and big data analysis is possible with this software. Also you can make Cloud run, image and speech recognition with XILINX. With ADAS system, you can easily use XILINX collision avoidance, gesture recognition and eye-head tracking.


With Xilinx University Program (XUP), you can start to create new generation projects. It is possible to get online support and begin to design your project with this software. You can develop your knowledge and be aware of latest technological innovations with this software. Get Xilinx free for students to click on this link. After that you can start to benefit from Xilinx offers.

  • Exploration of  design alternatives with free Vivado/ISE WebPACK software
  • Digital designing an modeling process with Xilinx FPGAs using the Vivado or ISE tools
  • Free Accessibility of  documentation, design examples, and on-demand videos
  • Joining to technical forums and sharing your experience

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