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Get Free SoGoSurvey for Students

SoGoSurvey Company offers special discounts and free of charge softwares for students, academics and nonprofit organizations.


SoGoSurvey is a online survey programme. You can use it for educational or industrial aims. With the help of this software, you can design and launch a survey easily. After that the programme helps you for managing and interpreting existing data. Their motto for survey analysis process is creating, distributing, collecting, analyzing and acting.


Jumping on your research and collecting necessary data will be quite simple with SoGoSurvey. Get SoGoSurvey free for students for free to click on this link. You should just track the following steps which are listed below:

  1. Sign Up for SoGoSurvey student account.
  2. Give your student email address
  3. You can “Like” SoGoSurvey Facebook page and and leave a comment about your experiences.
  4. Compose an article about SoGoSurvey with a link pointing to our website and post it on your blog or any other online forum.
  5. Send and Email request to [email protected].

When you complete the following steps, the company will check your eligibility. If you are a suitable candidate; they will upgrade your membership to the free student version in 24 hours after your e-mail reach.

The e-mail that you send to SoGoSurvey Company should include this information:

  • Your username of SoGoSurvey account
  • The account name of your Facebook address that you liked SoGoSurvey and commented on our page.
  • The URL of the blog/article which you have commented or written about SoGoSurvey products.


It is a good question because The license is  valid just for a one year period. To renew your student licence, you should do the the things which are listed below

  1. You should write a new comment on our Facebook page about the other features of the product.
  2. You should  compose another article about SoGoSurvey and post it on your blog or any other online forum
  3. You should Email your renewal request, including the link to your article, to [email protected]

If you are not interested in social media or blog accounts and yo do not want to do the necessary things, you can get benefit from another student license with special discounts. For discounted student license, you should not have to write and article about the product. The other parts of the registration process are the same.

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