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Get Free Maxwell Render Faculty and Student Licenses

Maxwell Render offers free licenses for educators.


Maxwell Render is a 3D renderer introduced in 2004. Maxwell Render is a professional software which has capability of perfect integration with all the major industry platforms.


If you are a faculty member, get in touch with [email protected] or your local reseller to get set up with your free Faculty license(s) and/or free Student licenses for your students. Click on link to see the list of Maxwell Render local resellers.

If you are a student, a faculty member must contact with Maxwell Render in the way written above. If you are not enrolled student at a university or an academic institution, you can get Learning Edition.


  • Faculty license is an annual,floating license including license server and networking functionalities for individual instructors, classroom seats and school renderfarms.
  • Student License is an annual, node locked license for at-home study on one personal computer.
  • Learning Edition, which is node-locked license, is the same as the full Maxwell Render Suite, but it is for non-commercial use. It is not included network rendering features and rendernodes. In this version, maximum image resolution is Full HD. You can get technical support via the Maxwell Render forum only.

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