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Get Free Inventor HSM Pro For Students

You can use many design and engineering programmes for free from Autodesk source. Autodesk Inventor HSM Pro can be used CAD/CAM area by designers and inventors. The most important feature of the programme is that you can use Autodesk Inventor HSM Pro free as a student or educator.


Inventor HSM Pro is a common software which source’s is Autodesk. This programme can be used by designers, engineers and CNC programmers. It can supply the division of machined parts directly. You can easily use  2,5D and 3D strategies with the help of Inventor HSM Pro.


It is easy  to download Inventor HSM Pro for free. You should only click on a link. Then your programme will be ready for use. Get Inventor HSM Pro for free click on this link. For downloading this software, you should create an student account. Your account should contain the name and web site your school. There are other informations in the form that you should fill carefully. After you enter all of your information, you can download Inventor HSM Pro for students from the same link.


  • You do not have to pay any fee for using the student edition of Inventor HSM Pro
  • Student licenses are valid for 36 months after they activated as a part of Education Community.
  • It includes Inventor HSM Express, Inventor HSM, Inventor HSM Pro.

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