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Get Free Autocad Mechanical for Students

It is simple to download and install Autodesk softwares as student. It is free of charge for students and educators. You can easily download and install Autocad Mechanical from Autodesk’s official web site.


Autocad Mechanical is used for especially mechanical designing and drafting. It consist of similar features to Autocad and serves as a leading 2D CAD mechanical programme all over the world. For common CAD tasks and effective design process in mechanical working area, you can use this software.


For educational use, you do not have to pay any fee for the student version of Autocad Mechanical. Create an account and get free access for Autocad Mechanical click on the link. The name your academic institution and its web site will be enough for activating this account. After all the registration transaction is complete, you can easily install Autocad Mechanical.


  • You do not have to pay any fee for using the student edition of Autocad Mechanical.
  • Student licenses are valid for 36 months after they activated as a part of Education Community.
  • It includes AutoCAD Mechanical 2008, AutoCAD Mechanical 2009, AutoCAD Mechanical 2010, AutoCAD Mechanical 2011, AutoCAD Mechanical 2012, AutoCAD Mechanical 2013, AutoCAD Mechanical 2014, AutoCAD Mechanical 2015, and AutoCAD Mechanical 2016.

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