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Get Atom via GitHub

We are continuing to write about GitHub Student Developer Pack which provides free Access to a lot of developer services and tools. You can get Atom text editor via GitHub Student Developer Pack.


It is a modern, customizable, open source text editor coming with built-in package manager and theme support. You can customize by with various packages or writing your packages. Also, Atom developers claim that it is an editor which can be used productively without any customization.

It has features like smart autocompletion, cross-platform editing, multiple panes and more.



If you are member of GitHub and have already got your Student Pack, visit this link and find ATOM section, then click on the link to access Atom website. If you have not got your Education Pack, you can read our article about how to get your pack simply.


  • There is no restriction. It is a fully open source software by GitHub.

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