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Free Schrödinger Offers for Educational Aims

As a scientific leader in computational chemistry, Schrödinger offers you software solutions. The aim of this software is providing integrated and creative solutions for customers’s needs. You can get Schrödinger free of charge for educational usage.


Schrödinger is an software which can be used in molecular designing. The company offers general molecular model programs and complicated drug design suites. Also, you can benefit from art suite states for material research. It is possible to benefit from material science suit, biologics suite, small molecule drag discovery suit, pyMOL and discovery informatics suite.


The improvement of human health is of one the improving goals of Schrödinger Company. The advanced computer technologies can help to the chemists for compounding materials. All academic users can get free of Schrödinger company’s molecular visual program: Maestro. The Maestro license includes free Maestro and with an academic e-mail address; you can download it. Get Schrödinger Maestro free academic license to click on this link.

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