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Free Pixate for Classrooms and Teachers

For detailed documentation, video tutorials and deep articles, Pixate will be absolute solution for native prototyping.


Pixate is a design and prototype tool for better mobile applications. With this software, path of making tools and services that the designers need to improve their ideas is quite simple. Design teams can come together and create bigger projects with this software. Also, building prototypes is easy with this software, you can create a project and share it with a team easily.


You can start to create today. The creative and technological can be expensive for schools. However, Pixate Studio is free of charge for educational use. Qualified teachers can get this software without any required fee for 12 months. And re-application is possible according to your eligibility.  Get Pixate free academic license to click on this link. The application form includes the usage aim, school related e-mail address and the name of your school. So with this software, you can use this software with your students easily.

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