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Free OpenEye for Scientific Usage and Academicians

OpenEye is an molecular modeling application which has a workflow which involves structural design strategies. There are different charge models which have FILTER and QUACPAC input compounds. There are special price offers of OpenEye for students and academics.


OpenEye is a high quality design program which is used for molecular 3D design. For molecular chemistry, you can create customized applications as a part of object oriented access. OpenEye is a software which is used for chemistry and cheminformatics. You can bioisosteric replacements for docking and scoring application.


OpenEye is an company which wants to support the academic research. So, they endeavor to sustain academics as much as their interest lets. For this purpose, OpenEye provides different license options for academic community. Each package includes accessibility to the software’s basic applications and single offers. You can be eligible one of the academic options listed below. You have to be a part of accredited degree-granting college or university as a teacher or researcher. You can use these licenses as part of your academic researches. If you are interested,contact the company for your options. You can get the offers for academic use and a free teaching license which is made for specific time-limited course for students. Get OpenEye free academic license to click on this link.

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