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Free Civati for Students

Civati is an knowledge organization programme which is based on creating effective documentation. With Civati, it is possible to analyze, import and export files. As a part of company’s educational policy, you can download and install Civati free of charge.


It easy to manage your documentation process with Civati. You can plan your project, determine tasks and work as a team with Civati. It easy to start research with Civati. First, you can search your sources, then manage and integrate resources. Analyzing a content is simple with this software. Evaluation of contents and group task distribution will be quite easy with this programme. Civati help you for creating bibliographies and citing of sources.


Civati helps students for tracking the text that they read. Civati is useful to getting away plagiarism. It is an useful software to manage many sources in an appropriate way. Get free Civati offers for students to click on this link. The major German university students can get Civati free of charge. They just have to choose their university and click on the related link. After they give the personal information and educational e-mail address; they can get their Civati student license. For the other nationalities, Civati is not free of charge. But the company offers special discounts.

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