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Astah for Students

Astah is an innovative programme for making out ingenious diagrams. Astag is free for students in student edition for a limited time.


Astah is an UML edior which is created for diagrammes and illustrations. It is a professional software which is world widely used in business and education sector.


Astah is providing students Astah Student Edition. For getting this version of the programme, first you should visit the page. In the page, you should click the link of free student academic licence. In this forms there are some blank areas you should fill carefully. The academic licence form demands basic information from you such as your name, e-mail adress, your faculty name and your graduation time. Also, you should mention your information language technologies that you have used and development metedologies of interest. For using the student edition of Astah; you should prove that your educational status. If you have a academic e-mail adress, the verification mail will be send to that adress and you can get the programme easily. In the case of you do not have an academic e-mail adress, you can solve this problem by the copy of photograph of your student ID card. The student ID card that you send has to contain faculty members name, date and photo. You can use faculty pay-check stub or an official registration form from your faculty. Click on link to access Free Student Academic Lisence Form.


  • You do not have to pay any fee for using the student edition of Astag.
  • Astah student edition can be used for a limited time (during your education)
  • It includes Astah Professional, Astah Sysml, Astag Gsn, Astah UML Pad, Astah Academic (free for students).

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