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ISIC Financial Time Offers for Students

ISIC serves as an international student card. This card has validity in a lot of company. You can benefit from a lot of advantages and discounts with ISIC.


There are specific and general ISIC offers for students all over the world. The advantages can change according to countries and some offers are valid internationally. More than 120 country, 5 million people are using ISIC. The international offers can be used for educational aims and culture. For example online English courses or online newspapers.


You can benefit from Financial Times with %50 discount. The digital subscription of ISIC offers big advantages to students. Click on the link to take ISIC financial time offer. It is an international offer. With your official ISIC card, you can read Financial Times daily and save up %50 and more. Your official ISIC card number, e-mail address and name is enough for the online registration.

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