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Free Edu Blog Offers for Education

Edu Blog is a special blogging service which is designed for students and educators. You can get free of charge blogging service with this service. WHAT IS EDU BLOG? Edu Blog is a web service which is created for educational use. The special features of this web service are storage …

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Citrix Special Offers for Educational Use

Citrix is a virtual workspace solution that you can benefit with special discounts for academic usage. WHAT IS CITRIX? Basically, Citrix is a web service but with this programme you can do more than a internet service. For example, it is possible to manage mobile applications or virtualize your desktop applications. …

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Free Ucla Hosting Offers for Students Groups

Ucla Hosting supplies free hosting service for student groups. As a student group; you can benefit online hosting service and take your web site one step ahead. WHAT IS UCLA? Ucla is basically a official web hosting service which is developed for UCLA students. It helps you for making algorithm …

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Free Gwiddle Web Hosting Offers for Students

Gwiddle is web hosting service formation which offers free of charge hosting service for educational use. It is basically developed by students for students. WHAT IS GWIDDLE? Gwiddle is an hosting service operation and you can benefit the Gwiddle offers free of charge for educational aims. You can easily operate a web site …

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LookHosting Offers for Educational Use

LookHosting is a hosting service company which can be used for cloud based hosting service etc. There is free of installation offers for a limited time. WHAT IS LOOKHOSTING? Look Hosting is an hosting company which offers a qualified and featured hosting for 10 years period. The aim of the company …

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Znetlive Offers for Students

Znetlive company supply free of charge web service for academic use. You can benefit this internet service offering without any payment for academic use. From 2001, ZnetLive serves as a ICANN accredited domain registrar and dedicated server, VPS and Cloud hosting services provider. WHAT IS ZNETLIVE? Znetlive is a international hosting company. …

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WestHost Offers for Academic Use

The WestHost company supply free of charge web service for academic use. You can benefit this internet service offering without any payment for academic use. WHAT IS WESTHOST? Westhost is a web service which can be used for web hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated hosting. You can benefit from web hosting …

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SiteGround Offers for Educational Usage

SiteGround is an hosting and web site administration company. There are special educational offers which supplied by the company for educational and academic usage. WHAT IS SITEGROUND? SiteGround is an web site service which can be used for careful tailored hosting and web site management. With this software, it is …

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Yellow Circle for Students – Free Cloud Server

Yellow Circle Logo

Yellow Circle offers free virtual routers,networks,servers,firewalls and loadbalancers for students. WHAT IS YELLOW CIRCLE? Yellow Circle is a platform providing students opportunities for creating their own servers and running applications which they want. It gives important chances to students for transform their ideas to the reality easily. HOW CAN I …

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Have Unlimited Storage on Google Drive for Free

Google Drive Logo

Google drive offers students to have unlimited storage on Google Drive, which is normally $10 per user monthly. Also it provides support for files as big as 5 TB. WHAT IS GOOGLE DRIVE? Google Drive is a cloud-based file storage and synchronization service developed by Google. It gives you chance …

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